Think about Business

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Industry leaders have spoken: content marketing is the new way for your business to skyrocket. But don’t get too excited. Before you start writing, think about how your content will fit into your business model. How will it add to your brand, and how will it work in your company?

Analyse Your Market

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To establish an audience for your content, look beyond demographics. Create customer profiles, descriptions of real people who might buy your product. Consider what problems they face and how your business could satisfy their needs. Also research your competitors and discover how you could better serve your target market.

Pick Your Platforms

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Nobody has time to stay active on every social network. Though your business will undoubtedly need a blog and a Facebook page, you should think carefully about any other platforms. Pinterest may not be the right venue to market paintball guns; align your social networks with your target audience.

Develop a Workflow

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For consistent content, you need detailed plans—and not just for your writing. Assemble a team dedicated only to content, and give them time to carefully write, edit, and analyse the content. Give them any necessary technology, like cameras and editing software, so they can do the job right.

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